Birmingham City Salesmen’s Club Creed

I believe in the City Salesmen’s Clubs; in the goods I am selling; in the firm I am working for; and in my ability to get results.  I believe that honest goods can be sold to honest men by honest methods.  I believe in Working, not waiting; in Laughing, not weeping; in Boosting; not knocking; and in the Pleasure of selling goods, I believe that a man gets what he goes after; that one order today is worth two orders tomorrow; and that no man is down and out until he has lost faith in himself.  I believe in today and the work I am doing; in tomorrow and the work I hope to do; and in the sure reward which the future holds.  I believe in courtesy, in kindness, in generosity, in good cheer, in friendship and honest competition.  I believe that the best way to help myself is by helping the Other Fellow.