About Us

The City Salesmen’s Club was founded by a group of Businessmen in Birmingham Alabama in 1937. This club is believed to be the second oldest club of its kind.

The purpose for the Club was for Birmingham and area businessmen to meet once a week to have lunch and to thank each other for deeds done to help one another. Club members also seek to promote each other’s businesses whenever possible.


As Cy Thaxton put it in his letter to the club read during the June 30, 1964 “Founder’s Night” held at the Holiday Inn South: “In 1937 when the City Salesmen’s Club was organized in Birmingham, it was established upon the basic concept “that as a man sows, so shall he reap” and that its members should treat each other as they would like to be treated. These ideas are incorporated in the Club’s Creed.”

It was decided to hold a Charter dinner which was held the evening of March 15, 1937, at the Bankhead Hotel. There were twenty two members there, and the club had the honor of having Ray Costello as guest speaker. He was the originator of the Louisville Club and President of same. Our CREED was also drawn up by him.” (Quoted from a letter from Geo. E. Jacobsen dated June 5, 1964)

Cy Thaxton was the first President of the City Salesmen’s Club and was elected for the period ending June 30, 1937. . President, C. A. Thaxton; Vice President, George E. Jacobsen; Secretary, George Nealeans; Treasurer, H. H. Howard. The names of the first BOARD OF DIRECTORS are not at hand at this time, but there were seven elected.